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project Home Page status Completed started 2002-07-02
for American Union Mortgage project state Available for Support ended 2002-07-17 Total Hrs 0
summary Complete design and creation of company web site with basic areas and focus on loan submissions and tracking for mortgage loans.
project Loan Bridge Automation status Completed started 2002-05-26
for Land Home Services project state Available for Support ended 2002-06-15 Total Hrs 114
summary Submission and tracking tool for mortgage loans sent in by dealers using bridge loan financing with payment scheduling and tracking.
project Loan Management System status Completed started 2002-03-14
for Land Home Services project state Available for Support ended 2002-04-20 Total Hrs 89
summary Design and create a system for managing home mortgage dealers and the loans that they submit for funding approval. Tracking on all aspects of each loan and processor interaction for required documents.
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Custom Installation
project Server Setup status Completed started 2002-02-06
for Land Home Services project state Available for Support ended 2002-02-14 Total Hrs 82
summary Design, build, install, and configure server with services for e-mail, company web site, database, and backup with complete security on entire system.
project Music Culture Portal status Completed started 2000-07-10
for Beyond Rave project state Available for Support ended 2001-08-14 Total Hrs 387
summary Music resource portal listing events by promoters featuring DJs and live acts. Promoters, DJs and users have profiles that are interactive by community for rating.
project Volakis Cart status Completed started 2000-05-01
for Volakis Gallery project state Available for Support ended 2000-05-26 Total Hrs 46
summary Gallery to display all types of art and be able to buy them using a shopping cart with they layout design provided. Admin ability includes uploading new art and removing sold art.
project Button Vault status Completed started 2000-01-06
for Scream Design Inc. project state Available for Support ended 2000-03-21 Total Hrs 60
summary Design and create an interface system that will manage and navigate through an excess of over one million images of limitless types and colors. System can have multiple color variations both grouped and individual that are searchable.

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