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portfolio http://onevisionbeyond.com

Objective: Seeking challenging full-time employment, in which I can further develop and contribute my skills and innovative ideas for completion of projects to reach it's greatest potential, and become a key member of a growing successful team and company.

Expert Level Technical Skills












Mongo DB








Git / SVN








Sys Admin




Unix / Linux

Additional Technical Skills

Ruby on Rails

C / C++

.NET / C#


Cold Fusion




Progress DB






Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP/7







Zane BenefitsSr. Software Engineer / Architect

01/2014 – 07/2014

Tools Used: PHP 5, CSS3, DHTML, Angular, Ajax, Javascript, JQuery, Phalcon, JSON, HTML5, Git, Nginx, Linux, System admin, PostgreSQL 9.3, MySQL 5.5, Beanstalkd, AWS (DynamoDB, SQS, Elasticache, EC2, RDS, S3, Cloudfront, auto-scaling)

Points of Interest

  • Evaluated new technologies and methods for use with rewrite of code base, which included PHP frameworks, Javascript libraries, SAAS queueing, and data storage.

  • Contributed with the architecture structure design and methods that will be implemented for the overhaul to enable performance, reliability, redundancy, and scalability of the new system.

  • Bugfix problems and fulfill new feature requests to the existing code and product

  • Examined the overloaded MySQL DB and solved performance lag by improving indexing to match the SQL being used in the code base and improved memory allocation and use by MySQL

  • Redesign of project segment using Phalcon framework and Angular for the display and using a RESTful independent service for data retrieval, storing, and modifying.

BizVisionDirector of Technology

10/2013 – 12/2013

Tools Used: PHP5, PHP4, HTML5, Ajax, Javascript, jQuery, Subversion, MySQL5x, PostgreSQL9x, AWS (S3, DB, Elasticache, DynamoDB, CloudFront, EC2)

Points of Interest

  • Evaluation of code base and hardware architecture, including discovery of high load and failure, as well as identified many security points of failure open to attack or exploitation.

  • Architect on new MVC framework and technologies to use to increase stability, performance, as well as use a modular system to account for all future needs, such as mobile and third party.

  • Designed and coded new heartbeat viewer tracking system that would decrease load by 90%, as well as streamline existing functionality, while also adding additional features and allow for modular future additions.

  • Architect logistical and methodology for rewrite of the code base for milestones and complete project.

  • Plan to bring third party streaming services in house while consolidating library to master file and convert on-the-fly using custom built transcode server, which are streamed using a variety of method suited to needs.

BlueRoof360 – Chief Technology Officer

07/2012 – 10/2013

Tools Used: PHP5, CSS3, HTML5, DHTML, Ajax, Javascript, JQuery, Subversion, Git, Apache 2.2, Linux, System admin, PostgreSQL 9.2, MySQL 5x, Zend

Points of Interest

  • Evaluation of current product and architect of redesigned improved modular replacement with added features and capabilities, as well as re-engineered to handle scalability and the growing demands using the best suited technologies.

  • Define and break up project into modules and assign and manage development team of both local and remote engineers to hit time-line schedules and mile stones for delivery

  • Review and implement new technologies where they can improve existing functionality, as well as augment with new features and capabilities, as well as remove the dependencies from paid third party services.

  • Architect and oversee the development of the native mobile application, define and build the API for data exchange and interaction, solve functionality of map routing and unique application needs.

  • Restructure both the hardware, software, and overall architecture for improved stability, redundancy, and security, which includes a combination of cloud servers, load balancers, dedicated servers, CDN storage, and networking of all elements.

GlobalBased Technologies – Sr. Software Engineer / Architect

(formerly True North Academy – Sr Software Engineer / Architect)

07/2007 – 10/2011

Tools Used: System admin, network engineering, PHP 4/5, CSS3, DHTML, Ajax, Javascript, JQuery, XML, JSON, HTML5, Subversion, Git, Apache 2.2, Linux, System admin, Asterisk, PostgreSQL 8.0 – 8.4 (atomic, triggers, PL), Slony, MySQL 4/5, Perl, CSV, Curl, Unit testing, documentation and manual writing

Points of Interest

  • Complete redesign of architecture for Lead Management Tracking System and accounting automation.

  • Design of new fully relational database with enforced data integrity through foreign key references and rules

  • Design and coded complete architecture, including security, session management, multi-tier access and permission per page, validation, and data conversion / migration.

  • Designed and implemented completely dynamic accounting system for interaction with any number of accounts, merchants, gateways, and partners for custom mapping and translation of data.

  • Sr. programmer working on a team of 4 programmers, mentoring for Jr. programmers

  • Installed and configured several servers, and handled migration of external components to operate using in-house resources. Included 3 mail servers running IMAP, IMAPS, POP3, POP3S, SMTP, and e-mail client web GUI for virtual sites, as well as forked primary & secondary DNS servers with dynamic DHCP, PDC, and virtual web servers.

  • Configured and wrote code for custom interaction with an Asterisk server for all telecommunication over VoIP using soft phones and SIP channels

  • Designed and coded dynamic reports and trend recognition with graphic display and download-able exports

Solution Stream – Senior Software Engineer/Architect

06/2005 – 06/2006

Tools Used: System admin, network engineering, PHP 4/5, PECL, Pear, Zend, Javascript, Ajax, CSS, HTML XHTML, XML DHTML, XLT, XSLT, CVS, Subversion, Trac, Linux, Windows, TCP/IP, SSH, SSL, MySQL 4/5, PostgreSQL 7/8, MS SQL, Bind, Apache 2/2.2, Soap, Curl, sockets, CSV, C#, .Net, ASP, Java, Samba, Unit testing, documentation and procedure/standards writing

Points of Interest

  • Designed, and built web site for MLM business logic, architecture, commission processing, report generator, and admin maintenance / control using MySQL back-end and PHP, CSS, Javascript, DHTML, and XML

  • Designed, built, configured, and implemented internal & client devel/production Linux servers, with strict security, automated backups, CVS/Subversion w/revision roll-outs, monitoring, and maintenance for them.

  • Debugged and improved code base on affiliate tracking third party service and implemented feature enhancements using MySQL back-end and PHP, Javascript, CSS, and DHTML keeping with existing code base

  • Installed and configured several complete development servers and production servers, with services such as CVS, Subversion, Apache, MySQL, Bind (forked views), Rsync, Trac, Qmail, among many more.

  • Performed estimates on new projects and designed the layout and logic flow for development, as well as revision tasklists and assignment / management of task completion and integration.

  • Acting project manager/team lead and head of PHP development over 8 on site and 3 remote programmers

Omniture – Software Engineer

01/2005 – 04/2005

Tools Used: System Admin, PHP 4x, Javascript, HTML XHTML, DHTML, XML, Soap, Java, C, C++, Shell Scripting, MySQL 4/5, DHCP, SSH, SSL, FTP, SFTP, TCP/IP, SMTP, ImageMagick, CVS, CSV

Points of Interest

  • Design and implement a merge of two independent systems, each using their own proprietary format and database and structure, for seamless data communication and integration.

  • Built universal data exchange system with full validation checking, scrubbing, formatting, and enforcement of data type restrictions for output or direct insertion into the system and using any type service/protocol for delivery (FTP, SFTP, SMTP, SSH, etc.).

  • Performed as lead programmer on a team of five senior level programmers, taking direction from the team manager and project manager.

  • Architect all the logic from concept of functionality and project specifications to implementation executed by the team.

DAZ Productions - senior web developer

10/2003 - 7/2004

Tools Used: System Admin, PHP 4x, Javascript, HTML XML DHTML, Java, C, Shell Scripting, MySQL 4x, MS SQL, Bind, IPTables, TCP/IP, Ports, DHCP, SSH, SSL, TCP/IP, Samba, Win Server, Linux, ImageMagick, CVS, SMTP, FTP

Points of Interest

  • Design, install, and build internal network with stated firewall, two networks and DMZ

  • Build, install, and configure server for intranet, development testing platform, CVS, chroot forked DNS, dynamic DNS via DHCP, Jabber, Apache, SSL, PHP, eGroupWare, phpBB2, webCVS, Qmail, vMailmgr, POP3, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Samba, and various web development tools

  • Built and installed a File Server compatible for Windows, Mac, and Linux using 6 200GB 0+1 raid and 2 GB internal transfer, domain controller, internal and external access with security.

  • Redesign and creation of database layout, store, affiliate system, product submission, merchant transactions, partners, and users.

  • Creation and design of brokered artist accounts, submissions, galleries, contests, support, tutorials, automated dynamic updates, and management.

  • Implementation of security for all systems, automation of maintenance, log rotation/archive, update on security exploits, administrator

World Net Services Inc. - system administrator/software engineer

10/2002 - 7/2003

Tools Used: System Admin, PHP 4x, Perl 4/5, Javascript, Shell Scripting, HTML, DHTML, MySQL 4x, PostgreSQL 7x, Flash, Soap, XML, sockets, Curl, Photoshop, IP chains, Linux, Windows, ImageMagick, TCP/IP, Bind, Apache 2x, documentation / FAQ / Help guides written.

Points of Interest

  • Complete design of database and coding of all aspects of a web site builder tool located at http:://www.clicksitebuilder.com, working from original coded in Perl using MySQL

  • Adding 35 new feature tools for builder system including, auto-responder, image manipulation, shopping cart, and more.

  • Configuration and installation of high end server running services: HTTP, DNS, Qmail, PostgreSQL, MySQL, PHP, Perl, POP3, SMTP, Bulk Mailing, OpenSRS, Ezmlm, etc.

Creative Media Group - computer programmer

5/2001 - 9/2001

Tools Used: PHP 3/4, Perl 5, Javascipt, HTML, DHTML, XML, PostgreSQL 6, MySQL 3x/4, MS SQL, ODBC, Flash, Photoshop, IP chains, Apache 1x, TCP/IP, jabber, MP3, Filemaker, Navision, Fedex, Bind, DNS, FTP, SSH, SSL, Soap, XML, CVS, Redhat 7.1/6.2/6.1, Windows 2000/98/NT, documentation.

Points of Interest

  • Programmed web tools using PHP accessing PostgreSQL database for dynamic information.

  • Re-built server that crashed during move of headquarters to SLC from Arizona.

  • Converted Filemaker,Navision,Fedex databases to one on-line active database using PostgreSQL with web interface for all feature available from other databases.

  • Updated and debugged outdated PHP code and PostgreSQL/MySQL database interaction.

Scream Design - system administrator / computer programmer

3/1999 - 1/2001

Tools Used: Perl, PHP, Javascript, HTML, DHTML, XML, MySQL, SQL, ODBC, Apache, Bind, Sendmail, Qmail, FTP, SSH, SSL, TCP/IP, Photoshop, Flash, Blue Turbine, Cold Fusion, IIS, Solaris 7, Linux, Windows 98/NT, Cisco

Points of Interest

  • Ordered, built, and configured all servers and workstations to setup company.

  • System admin over the SLC office, maintaining all servers, workstations and network.

  • Programmed custom web solutions using Perl, HTML, PHP, Javascript, MySQL, Access, Cold Fusion and designed graphics using Photoshop, Illustrator, AutoCAD, Flash, and others. Some examples of recent projects are available for full demo on my portfolio.

  • Researched new technologies for implementation of various needs by company.

  • Programmed Cisco router and setup/maintained internet high speed connection (T1).

  • Wrote scripts for use with web sites on all aspects and wrote documentation on how to implement and install on users web sites. (poll, counters, banner ad rotation, and others)

  • Created new projects to improve the features available and quality of our site/company.

  • Traveled evaluating various companies networks and infrastructure, giving growth recommendations

Vyzynz International Inc. - system admin / network engineer / tech mgr

7/1997 - 3/1999

Tools Used: System admin, network engineer, Solaris, Sun, Linux, Windows NT/98/95, MS Access, TCP/IP, BGP, Bind, Apache 1x, Cold Fusion, Cisco, Perl, CGI, Javascript, HTML, Cybercash, Big Brother, Netsaint, Sendmail

Points of Interest

  • System administrator on 24 hour call over 16 Sun Unix servers and 2 Windows NT servers

  • Setup and maintained LAN network of all workstations/servers

  • Installed and configured all servers and maintained update and security.

  • Re-wrote the entire billing system. Updating and finding over 1100 accounts uncounted for.

  • Wrote all the documentation for training and reference for technical support staff.

  • Instigated all on-line services, web mail, tips, Q & A, and more for company web site.

  • Debugged and helped customers implement any custom feature desired for their web sites.

  • Managed the technical support staff, while setting and maintaining standards and quality.

  • Programmed the routing on Cisco routers for high speed accounts on 7513 – 1700 routers

  • Wrote shell scripts to automate many routine tasks on servers to increase efficiency.

Contract Work - One Vision Beyond

10/1992 - present

Job Details: In each contract project I would meet with the key people and clearly define the goals and complete feature functionality, as well as discuss technology options available and recommendations. Over the years there has been times when this was my full time job, but mostly it has been on the side when availability allows. Every job has been 100% referral, as I don't advertise or even claim this to be a business.


  • Younique Products – (7/2014 – present) Feature additions and modifications on a CakePHP driven site using a RESTful API to a MySQL backend. Also directly worked on the Node operating commission engine using a MongoDB backend and built using Express framework.

  • Money Desktop – (2/2012 – 4/2012) Used Google proto for internal communication fof requests to financial data sources and translated / mapped data using Ruby on Rails

  • Funium – (10/2011 – 2/2012) Coding on a social network based game, doing Facebook authentication, UI, graph, and other interaction. Also setup A/B testing and metric tracking of stats.

  • Shoppping Nanny – (1/2010 – 3/2010) Designed and coded a complete dynamic system for import/exporting data. Can read/write CSVand XML formatting, validate, format, and handle complex data inserts across multiple tables with auto-assigned keys shared across them. PHP 5, Oracle 11, XML, CSV

  • Carlos Onate – (6/2008 – 9/2008) Custom web applications for automation and handling of various registration and submittal tasks. PHP 5, MySQL 5, PostgreSQL 8.3, Apache 2.2, Curl, XML, sockets, Ajax, JSON, Soap

  • McCann Ericson – (3/2007 - 10/2007) User interface and layout design for various micro-sites. HTML, Javascript, ASP, .NET, C#, DHTML, XML, Soap, CSS.

  • OfferWeb – (7/2006 – 2/2007) Complete redesign of affiliate/merchant tracking system with public & private networking. Work included: architecture design,: logic flow, methodology, graphic design and layout, server installation / configuration PostgreSQL config/schema, PHP 5/Javascript/CSS/Ajax, XML, Soap, Sockets, Bind DNS, TCP, SSH, SSL, Curl, Imagemagick, Subversion

  • Alta High School – 2005/2006 Abook directory ads layout, photo editing, design/creation, typeset and master for printer to use. Also designed /created cheer squad web site featuring sessions, calendar, etc.

  • Sequoia Insurance - (5/2004 - 1/2005) Multi-tier intranet insurance tool for brokers,agents, and underwriters / external tool for clients on all aspects of policies using a Progress DB backend and PHP base. Used PHP 4, MS SQL, T-SQL, C, C++, ODBC, Soap, XML, CVS, Windows

  • Vippi Books - dynamic book content generation into printable PDF or Postscript downloads, employee management, e-commerce, automated accounting, and inventory control using PHP / Perl.

  • Spirit West Studios - Site layout/creation w/streaming audio and dynamic content using PHP, MySQL, Javascript, CSS, HTML, Photoshop

  • American Union Mortgage - web site design, database, high end tools, server configuration, sub domain automation creation for web sites using tool. Used PHP 4x, MySQL 4x, Javascript, CSS, HTML, XHTML, XML, sockets, SSL, SSH, TCP/IP, CSV, Perl

  • Land Home Services - web site modifications, database tools, server config. Used PHP 4x, MySQL 4x, Javascript, CSS, HTML, XHTML, XML, Soap, sockets, SSL, SSH, TCP/IP, CSV, Perl

  • Countryside Financial - web site design, lead management tool, server config. Used PHP 4x, MySQL 4x, Apache 1x, Bind, Qmail, Javascript, CSS, HTML, XHTML, XML, Soap, sockets, SSL, SSH, TCP/IP, CSV, Perl, CSV, Linux, Windows

  • Countryside Lending - web site design, loan tracking tool, server config/build. Used PHP 4x, MySQL 4x, Javascript, CSS, HTML, XHTML, XML, sockets, SSL, SSH, TCP/IP, CSV, Perl


I don't believe there is only a single right way to do any project. Each solution has it's benefits and weaknesses. I believe the best solution must consider what is the best platform or language, and then consider performance, stability, security, usability, development time/resources needed, flexibility of future needs, and readability / maintainability. Anything is possible given enough time and resources, but that doesn't make it practical. There is a place where a balance can be found that addresses all of these things and often must come at the cost of some concessions. I proudly stand behind every line of code I write and every system I design with my name on it, but I'm also constantly improving and learning better ways. Perfection should always be the goal, but with the understanding that it's an illusion that can never be reached. Listening and understanding new possibilities is the only way one grows and grows those around them.

Additional Training:

A two year graduate with honors from Sevier Vally Technical College, with a degree in architectural design and AutoCAD drafting. I also helped write the syllabus for the upper level solid modeling and wire frame classes as a teachers aid, a position I held for 16 months while attending. Familiar and worked with all aspects of architectural, plumbing, electrical, structural, and mechanical drafting and design.

I’ve had four years of directly applied Commercial Advertising and fine art, as well as another 12 years of design for advertising fliers for special events, web graphics, and other odds and ends. My fine art has won several awards and have been in art shows such as the Springville Art Show (state wide art show for Utah), where I received a Best of Show in 'pen and ink' and a Masters in 'pencil'. I’ve comfortably used many mediums such as pen and ink, pencil, acrylic, oil, pastels, and chalk to name a few. Around 1992 switched to doing all art on computers using various programs. This experience has great helped in creating intuitive UI design and functionality, as well as overall presentation of page content.

I also have an associates in psychology from Salt Lake Community College in Utah, with a minor in electronics. I continually explore and learn new technologies, methods, languages, and improvements on all aspects of programming and development.


Chris Fontes

Director of Technology / Zane Benefits

(559) 999-8527

Robert Davis

Senior Engineer / Blueroof360

(801) 669-1458

Travis Francis

Head of Network Operations / GlobalBased Technologies

(801) 428-7339

Josh Miller

Chief Technical Officer / GlobalBased Technologies

(412) 708-1672

Scott Morris

Senior Web Architect / One on One

(801) 367-1402

Shawn Jackson

World Net Services / Chief technical officer

(801) 571-0016

Luke Youngblood

Sun Systems - network engineer / system administrator

(501) 681-0870

Justin Reber

Scream Design / Vyzynz Intl. / part owner

(801) 641-2222

More references available upon request.

Davey Walbeck (801) 550-3240 daveywalbeck@gmail.com